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The organization has two basic understanding. First terms in the narrow sense, namely the organization as a place or container, while the understanding of both organizations as a process. As a place or container, the organization is where people work together to achieve the expected goals. The expression implies that organizations limited by place, space and time. This means that an organization is only in certain places, at certain time and space. In addition, the organization does not exist.

The second notion is an organization sebgai process to achieve goals effectively and efficiently. In the process, the organization is not bound by place, space and time. Whenever and wherever home happens the process of achieving goals, that's where the organization is located. Understanding organization as process more meaningful because for the present era, where technology developed so rapidly process of achieving the goal is not merely done in a certain place (the office).

Internet and mobile phone technology allows people to move mobile without leaving the main job. He can contact and in contact wherever they may be. Communication like that is what led to understanding the organization as a process also called as a more modern sense as a comparison somewhere.

The question is, why people organize themselves, and what conditions the establishment of an organization? Did not he do it himself if he will get greater results? Answer the second question correctly, that because the organization he was forced to share or sharing with others.

The reason why the association was because he could not do something only to itself alone. Everyone has limitations and karenannya he needs other people. Limitations are not only material but may be non metril. Limitations can include time, effort, and cost.
In terms umun founding an organization there are three types. The three types of requirements are:
1. The existence of groups of people
2. Cooperation and
3. The existence of the objectives to be achieved in together.

Thus also the organization of the offices. Before discussing the organization of the office, first we discuss about the role of the office in an organization as a whole. Office is a part of the company or larger organization that has the primary duty to serve (to give service) implementation of the main tasks and organization.

Given the above, naturally prior to organizing the office, the office manager is the person most responsible for managing the office, should be guided to the guidance office organizing. Guidelines for organizing office include:

1. Organizing the office depending on size of organization,
2. organizing the office must follow the tendency of the organization,
3. Organizing offices do Botton-up (from bottom to top)
4. There needs to be pemimin working group (group leader) if the organization is relatively developed,
5. Spent the standardization of control (control range),
6. The standardization level of the organization,
7. The existence of vice chairman as a form of anticipation when leadership is absent.