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In the development of understanding between the Management office (office management) with adminidtrasi office (office administration) often interprete interprete commensurate and both he turns used in the same sense, although in the history of its development is more widely used term administration of state affairs, while the term Management used more in the affairs of the company's preformance, but recent developments in the broader management use in the affairs of State.

By following the norm that, in a further description will not perbedakan term in office administration with a management office, which is more important in understanding the two terms are explained clearly.

Regarding the definition office management, there are some definitions that can convey, among others:

(1) Geogre R. Terry in his book "Office management and control" state office management cans be defined as the planning, controlling, and organizing of ofiice work. And actualing those performing it so as to Achieve the predertemined objectives. It deals with the life cycle of business information and data from Their creation througt Their maintenance, distribution, and retention, it of permanent value, or destruction if obsolete.

This means that the management office can be define as planning, controlling and organizing the work of offices, as well as the mobilization of those who carry it out in order to achieve goals - goals that have been determined in advance. This question has to do with the circulation of live data and business information, and since its creation through maintenance, dissemination, and storage that has a fixed nlai or Destruction when it becomes obsolete.
(2) Littlefleid & Paterson preformance in his book "Modern Office Management'menyatakan that" The terms of office management will from be Used in Such a broad sense in thid book, it will of be Considered to encompass the management of office work Wherever and by whomever performed "means term of office management will be used in a broad sense, so that in this book, it will he considered include the management of an office job anywhere and by anyone in doing.

(3) Arthur H. Grager in his book, "the National Office Management Association report card. Management Office is the Fungtion of administering the communications and records services of an organization, meaning that the management office is a function of spatial organization of the communication and service slips of an organization.

From the definitions above it can be concluded, that the management office is a certain function which is a series of activities merancanakan, organizing directing, supervising and controlling up to organize activities in an orderly manner ehingga achieved an employment goal, both goals in the State organizations and companies.
While understanding the office is an organizational unit that functions to provide services tatausaha activities and other activities for the purpose of management in its efforts to achieve organizational goals, using resources in order to reach destination services office that has been laid before.

The office resources are utilized to achieve the objectives are:
1. Personnel Office
2. Pemodalan or money
3. Equipment and office supplies
4. Office machine
5. Working methods
6. Working time
7. The workplace